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Cameron & Ladder

Does this thing still post...

I haven't posted to here in... since forever. So, I thought I'd give it a shot again. My only rambles are that I'm keeping busy with TSCC fanfiction and still straying from the XWP works. But other projects include starting up The Sarah Connor Annals that I hope will get uploaded at some point. It's a cumbersome job to find, log, and track all the femslash TSCC fanfictions out there, but I think it'll be worth wild venture. Perhaps some TSCC readers will jump on the bandwagon and help with tracking them later on.

I'm also doing a co-author with 4kennedy that already looks fricken awesome. I get the giggles just doing this!  :) Otherwise, I'll have to try posting some fanfiction up on here. Or maybe some TSCC fanfiction I've started and set on the back burners. Until then...


Well hello there!!! :D
lol! Well hello back. :) I guess this LJ still works.
Yahuh!! It's waitin for you! Haha :D
'Allo, imagine seeing you here *G*.
I just seem to pop-up all over the place, huh? lol
you should start posting again, I have my lj for almost 4 years and I'm enjoying it very much. You have some tscc fanfiction on back burners? now I'm curious! sounds promising *g*

*hehe* I did a squee!post at my journal too that we're writing a story together. I looks indead totally awesome and I had fun to come up with some ideas and to write those two little scenes, especially with the last one.
I've had the LJ for awhile, but I put it on the back burner! lol I just didn't think anybody looked at it, but at least it'll give me a spot to test run some fanfiction. :)

I saw your... squee (what's that mean anyway? lol) and left a comment. hehe! This'll be damn good stuff.
I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who would like to keep an eye on your lj. you just have to spread the word around a little that you're here, commenting and friending etc. and give people some time to find you here.
squee = an expression of great excitement and/or happiness =) yup, it'll be damn good.