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Alien Resurrection x TSCC || Fanfiction: Untitled

Okay, this is a crossover concept I had in my head after watching Alien Resurrection recently. I really like the Ellen Ripley character and the hybrid concept. I thought about doing a crossover where Ripley (the clone) meets Cameron Phillips, and they help each other out after they find out some ongoings on Earth. However, I do rework the ending to the movie where Call is actually killed by the Newborn.

Anyway, this is the opening chapter for my hairbrain idea. Whether I'll do anymore to it, I'm not sure just yet....




Disclaimer & Notices
Copyright: The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles characters and concept belong to James Cameron and Josh Friedman. However, I own the plot and other characters.
Notices: This story contains violence and sexual content.

Started: August 21, 2009

by Red Hope

Ripley clung tightly to the tie down straps despite the windy, cold pull hungrily lapped at her body. But she held stronger for just long enough before outer space's pull gave up on taking anymore victims than just a monstrous hybrid that she felt a connection with. Ripley's boots hit the grade, yet her attention was instantly drawn to the fallen android a few yards away. She rushed over to Call, who remained faced down on the floor.

Ripley sensed the truth once she knelt by the fallen woman. She refused to believe it until she rolled Annalee Call onto her back and found lifeless eyes staring back at her. She clenched her jaw, and her eyes racked down until she saw the gaping hole in the Auton's stomach that was made by the hybrid Newborn only moments ago. Ripley had been too late.


From Betty's shattered window, a stream of sunlight poured through and shined on the dead android's face. Slowly the light started warming the pale skin in a soft glow. But yet Call remained as a pretty little doll.

Ripley hesitantly withdrew from the dead android. The brief emotions on her face now faded away behind an iron mask. She climbed back to her feet then glanced at the view window that allowed for the beautiful sunlight. She approached the broken window and took in the natural beauty of Earth as the Betty dipped out of the clouds. She couldn't deny that it was extraordinary and temporarily chased away her darker thoughts.


However, the Betty angrily wrenched in midair and tossed about its contents. Ripley hit the floor harshly and slammed the back of her head against the metal floor. Her vision was sprinkled by white spots then a dull ache started behind her head. She groaned and blinked a few times. But again the space ship lurched just as hard.

"Ripley, Call!" Johner's voice boomed over the loud speaker. "You better fuckin' hold on cuz we're going down!"

The clone barely registered the fair warning, but she gathered her inhuman strength and popped onto her boots. She silently cursed at Johner and Vriess's nonexistent skills at flying the ancient tin can. She started back towards the ship's helm, but she was tossed into the air more violently than last time. She gave a low cry before she hit the ship's bulkhead.

Before Ripley could get up, she was rolled across the holding compartment along with various dangerous objects. She sensed the ship was nose diving straight down, and she only had one chance before impact. She came right at the tie down straps again and snared them with her long fingers then tangled herself in them.


The Betty whistled down to the Earth at an alarming rate that couldn't be stopped beyond a miracle. Behind it was a thick trial of smoke and a tail of fuel that thickened up in the cold atmosphere before it fell too. The star ship gained incredibly speed on it's earthly plunge.

Ellen Ripley clenched her teeth, closed her eyes, and wasn't sure what god to pray to now that she was both human and Xenomorph. She could only rely on her superior genetic makeup to save her once the ship crashed into the Earth, which would not be so forgiving.


Her ears rung from Betty's powerful whistle. She almost thought her human heart would burst from her chest much like her children could do in their hosts. She dug her black nails deeper into the straps and gave a yell.


The Betty tore through the planet's atmosphere with a bright red nose. It plummeted towards the beautiful green lands only a few thousand feet below. But the Betty was pushed on an angle by both the winds and the pilots until it finally smashed into a wall of water. The ship's cockpit window was shattered upon impact, and water immediately began swallowing the fuselage. Gradually, the Betty was being absorbed by the murky water.

Back in the cargo bay, Ripley was struck by a rush of water that went past her waist. She fully operated on her instincts and acted as a caged wild animal hunting for an escape. She desperately swam over to the sealed cargo bay door that the Newborn hybrid had used to access the ship. Once there, she fought with the shorted control panel before she put her fist through it.

Ripley snarled because the control was useless, and she only had seconds left before the water went past her face. She already had the rushing water above her breasts. She grabbed the door then gave a low cry. Her arm muscles bulged against the strain.


The cargo door groaned against the hybrid's superior strength. Inch by inch it started rising higher up and allowed the dark water to further flood the Betty at an accelerated rate. Finally it stilled once it was several feet off the floor.

Ripley popped up above the water that already covered her face. She gulped what she hoped was enough air then dove in front of the door. She grabbed the open ledge, pulled her sleek body through, and launched off into the dark water that was dimly lit by the ship's flickering lights. She stole a fast glance at the sinking ship but saw no other signs of life. She never considered the others because she operated on her survival instincts. Finally the water was pitch black once the ship's lights went dead.

There was no reference to the surface other than Ripley knew she wanted to go opposite of the ship. She was fast through the water thanks to her fit body and sleek form. However, her lungs began to burn and her chest ached for fresh air. Ripley could sense her body slowing down, but she pushed harder in response. She then made out streams of light that gave her hope. The Hell she was going to drown to death after fighting and surviving more than her fair share of Aliens.

The water's surface still rippled from the ship's earlier impact and countless bubbles popped up here or there. Then a small circle of bubbles formed in one spot until the surface was broken by a surge. Then finally Ellen Ripley was freed from the darkness into the afternoon sunlight. She gasped for fresh terrestrial air for the first time that relieved her hot lungs.

The hybrid remained afloat in the water for a few seconds then she swam to the shoreline that was a few hundred yards away. Ripley found her boots hitting the muddy bottom, and she stumbled towards the mossy land. Behind her was a trail of water as she moved further from the water's edge. She collapsed to the ground near a tree. She pressed her back against the trunk and stared back at the water that was now eerily still. There were no signs that just moments ago a star ship had crashed into it.

Ripley kept her right leg straight but bent her left one. She rested her hand on her knee cap and continued staring at the water that reminded her of space. She only felt her heartbeat become more normal but a faint chill settled over her body. She hopelessly waited for either Johner and Vriess to break through the water. But after a few minutes, she indeed accepted that she was alone, again.

Ripley dropped her head against the smooth trunk and a shudder escaped between her lips. She closed her eyes and muttered, "Welcome to Earth." She considered how she could be so cursed not only from her first life but in this cloned one too. Nothing was ever easy and anybody that came into her life quickly left it in a painful manner. At such bitter thoughts, Ripley was plagued by images of the crew from the Betty, the Newborn hybrid, and Annalee Call's peaceful face. But she then pictured her predecessor clone, Number 7, who had begged Ripley to kill her out of pure mercy.

Ripley was hit by a wave of anger that overwhelmed her. She hastily stood up as if her emotions lifted her. She harshly dug her black nails into the tree's trunk, dropped her head back, and suddenly released a scream that clawed against her delicate throat and yet it felt so good too. Ripley fueled her scream with all her mounted pain from a mixed past that transformed her cry into an inhuman roar that came from the Alien in her. Her terrifying roar launched birds in a fright then all went deathly silent after Ripley fell to her knees.

The hybrid defeatedly hung her head and breathed hard for several moments. She then dropped onto her knees before she tumbled to the soft grass from exhaustion. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the tree's green canopy in a blurry view. Ripley was both mentally and physically drained so maybe she could rest, for a minute. Just one peaceful minute, Ripley thought before she drifted into a gray world.

To be continued.



This is pretty cool :D
Interesting concept.
And excellent writing. Awesome characterization.
Looking forward to more of this :)
Ah, this is a cool idea for a fic :) Although I have to admit,I'm Ripley/Call shipper (even wrote a fanfic, 'Brave New World', for them :P) and I was pretty heartbroken that Call died in the first few sentences, even though I knew it was coming. I'm such a softie. But I think it's really endearing that Ripley can't help but show some emotion before she just shuts it off. Great characterisation in this fic! I'm interested to see how it continues!