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Heroes || My Fanfiction: Sequel

So, it looks like my Heroes story, The Urge to Merge, is going well with readers. I didn't really expect it do well, but I'm glad it has. I think I may have to continue the adventure of Toni Kevin as my OC. I really like how I've developed her, and she seems to connect well with Niki and Jessica. Now I just have to decided what the sequel should be about....

I was thinking I'd follow the tv series somewhat. Since Toni's power is similar (not quite) to Sylar's it would be interesting to see how a "good" version of Sylar is. Plus with what's been happening to Niki and Jessica in the show would play well into my fanfiction. First though, I definitely need to develop the relationship between Toni and Niki/Jessica. Now how in the world does one date a person, who has two personalities? This will be so interesting!

-Red Hope