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Nov. 2nd, 2007


Heroes || Episode: The Line

So, I watched the recent Heroes episode "The Line", and I seriously couldn't decide what's happened to Niki & Jessica Sanders. I was excited to see 'em back in action, but obviously something has happened to Niki or Jessica. I've gotten into a few debates with other Heroes Fans, and a lot of folks thinks it's Jessica in control. Personally, I don't see how it could be Jessica after she showed up in a prior episode and tried to choke Bob to death.

To me, the weird thing is that Niki has blue to gray eyes. At the end of "The Line" I took a close look, and she definitely has brown eyes! Maybe I'm just a bit nutty, but I swear something is up with that. Every detail in that show has been important. My best friend keeps thinking that it's not really Niki or Jessica... he thinks it a shape shifter like Candice. I told him she's suppose to be dead (but that never means anything!). I think it'll be interesting. Either way, I hope Niki or Jessica snaps out of it!

Go Jessica and Niki! :)
-Red Hope

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