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Xena || My Fanfiction: To Take What is Mine

So, I've been rather thrilled with how well To Take What is Mine has been doing with my readers. It's such a great story to write and... just dream about each time I go to bed. That's where the heck half of the plot line comes from... quiet nights in bed.  :)  Now I'm on Chapter 20, and the big battle is in place. I can't even quite tell yet whether or not Gabrielle will make it out of this one. Somebody is going to die. Definitely.

I think I've decided this story and To Find What was Mine have been my favorite to write. It's just different to take Xena and Gabrielle, make them friends as kids, and write out a chunk of their life. It's honestly made them my own characters in some way. They're similar to the show, of course, but yet I've spent so much time, energy, and creativity into making them my own too. So it's just neat to do. Hopefully the end of this story will have it all... even a nice twist.  ;)

-Red Hope