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You're Terminated

TSCC || Fanfiction: Sergeant Young of Palmdale (Incomplete)

So I thought I'd try posting one of my back-burner fanfictions that I toyed with for a day. It's actually a sequel to The Last Terminator that picks up about two months where that story ended. I got about five pages into it then just left it alone, for now. I'm worried if I open that can any wider then I'll be starting a third series. Do I really need that with my TSCC fanfiction? Ugh... my TSCC stuff is gonna look like my XWP series lists. Geez.

Well, here's the first few pages. And be warned it is very rough too so good luck!


Disclaimer & Notices
Copyright: The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles characters and concept belong to James Cameron and Josh Friedman. However, I own the plot and other characters.
Notices: This story contains violence and sexual content.

Sergeant Young of Palmdale
by Red Hope

The Conqueror glowed and flickered like gold thanks to the wild flames from the campfire. She had a dazed expression, her eyes glossy, and she was still in the same spot for awhile. Along her right side, she had a rifle's buttstock leaning against her thigh which she lightly balanced with her fingertips. She was plenty warm between the fire and her camouflage jacket that she left unzipped. Underneath it, she wore a black, short sleeve top that was form fitting and her pants were dark green with a few worn spots.

Beyond the secure circle of the camp, the forest was inky black without any moon and the stars hidden by the clouds. The air was crisp tonight after an earlier thunderstorm, and the few mosquitoes left didn't bother looking for food. However, there were a few other bug chirps or squeaks out in the woods tonight then a rather distant wolf cry.

The lone human had stolen away from her recently conquered city after much debate with the commander. She nearly had to take him at knife point so that he would listen and listen well at that, but he gave into her decision when she stretched her hand towards her bowie knife. For the past roller coaster months, the Conqueror was trying for Serrano Point and miserably failing each time. She often placed the blame on the commander, Derek Reese, for his lack of foresight.

But she wouldn't admit her own recent defects such as losing focus on the plans for Serrano Point. Ever since Cameron Phillips, she could not straighten her mind out and get Serrano Point from the enemy. She felt possessed with irrational thoughts or she wasted time recalling that heated night with her enemy. She felt like she was addicted to that night and aching for Cameron's touch. At night, she even fantasized Cameron saying her given name during another sexual encounter between them. Then the only way to find any sleep after such fantasies was to resort to masturbation because the Conqueror refused anymore lovers in her bed since two months ago.

Damn that terminator, the Conqueror internally fumed. Now she understood the meaning behind a hate-love relationship because she surely was entangled in one. Why in Hell was she becoming this weak, with the enemy? Each day, her temper flared up higher because she was obsessing, and she ended up taking it out on anybody she could, such as her officers. On occasions, she caught their whispers about how her mental state seemed shaky without any explanation. She didn't like her well-being, mental or physical, being questioned by anybody, especially her officers. But she also had no qualms with correcting them both verbally and with unofficial punishment.

In only a week, the Conqueror decided she would indeed hunt down the last terminator. She just had a minor issue that blew up larger as she went along. She'd discovered that it was nearly impossible to find the terminator's invisible trail. She'd dealt with needles in a haystack in the past and always won. But hunting Cameron Phillips was like looking for an irregular grain of sand at a beach; there was no such thing. Her officers also noticed her new obsession to find the infamous terminator, who many believed really didn't exist and was just merely folklore invented by the free machines. Just earlier this week, the Conqueror received the thirteenth update stating the lack of data on Cameron Phillips, and she promptly threw the desk chair across the room and nearly struck the reporting soldier.

Finally after much internal struggle and questionable rational, the Conqueror went to the only and last source that could possible have a connection to Cameron Phillips. She never touched the source because she feared it would be lost so she kept it to herself until just earlier this week. On a late night, the Conqueror snuck through the city and went to the business place of Denis Henry Smith. She cornered him only after nearly kicking his office door in, but he brought the Conqueror into his meager establishment.

The Conqueror could still recall Denis Smith's calm demeanor and how his eyes glowed so smugly like he held immortality just beyond the Conqueror's grasp, and he dangled it, tauntingly. For the most part, she'd stayed relatively casual yet suspected he probably heard a few of her occasional snarls. After much prodding and mild threats, the Conqueror made headway because Denis Smith offered that he might be able to contact the terminator. He didn't swear it and told her to come back tomorrow for an answer to the Conqueror's demand on the terminator. Needless to say, the Conqueror's message was sent, retrieved, and answered so here she escaped to the woods as she promised the terminator.

A few yards from the campfire, the Conqueror's bedroll and blankets waited for her along with a filled pack of her belongings for the night's outing. A fallen tree trunk was set nearer and a plate of half eaten dinner was left behind. The Conqueror had too many knots in her stomach that she could barely ingest anything without it putting an ache in her chest. She mentally chastised herself for being this way about her meeting with the terminator. But she sharply broke from her thoughts when she picked out the faint footsteps coming to the camp.

The Conqueror swung up her plasma rifle from her side, raised it off to the left, and gently titled her head to get her sights ready. She listened to the low hum from her rifle as it charged up, ready to fire from a light finger pull. She narrowed her eyes and carefully watched for the source of noise. Her heart drummed against her taut chest. Then her knees slightly weakened as if she were worn from a great battle out on the field once her fixed sight aligned on her greatest enemy. Now she felt less crazy because the last terminator was indeed real and alive since that night felt surreal.

The last terminator, Cameron Phillips, had entered the lit circle made by the campfire's golden flames. She stood tall and proud despite her simple attire of boots, jeans, a light blue polo, and her same brown leather jacket. She had her hair down but the ends fluttered from a passing breeze. Her eyes were rather dark thanks to the evening.

"You wished to speak to me," the terminator first started. But she cocked her head and added, "Under terms of truce." She studied the charged rifle aimed directly at her.

The Conqueror was unmoving and stared down the sight at her enemy, who she'd been frustratingly tormented by for two months now. She was breathing hard while her hot blood burned in her veins.

Cameron held her ground, folded her arms, and waited to see what would pan out. She wondered if the Conqueror had any honor left or would break the offer for a temporary truce.

"Sixty-one days," the Conqueror angrily stated. "I've wasted sixty-one goddamn days." She flexed her grip on the black rifle but never lost her target. "On you, fucking Phillips."

The terminator remained silent and her features were masked cold just like her eyes.

"I cannot stop reliving that night." The Conqueror had a crinkled brow, her clenched teeth flashed occasionally, and she had wildness in her eyes. "I go over and over what you said to me in the morning." She held silent for a beat but hotly whispered, "If your mission is to drive me to insanity then you're succeeding."

Cameron slightly raised her chin and processed her human's frustrated rant. She realized it was probably the most the Conqueror had said to her at once and also rather revealing too.

"I want to turn you into metal dust as much as beg you to fuck me senseless," the Conqueror grounded out. She swallowed against the formed lump in her throat. "What the Hell am I suppose to do with this huh?" Her voice was rising due to her temper. "What's the goddamn solution since you created this?"

The terminator unfolded her arms and suggested, "Perhaps to start it would be best to lower the rifle."

"So you can wring me by my neck again?" the Conqueror darkly jabbed.

"I will not," Cameron refuted. "I am unarmed."

"You're a fucking terminator... you're a walking weapon," the human leader snapped. She still wouldn't relinquish her gun or at least lower it.

Cameron gave a faint sigh then reminded, "I am here under an agreed truce, but apparently you are not."

The Conqueror shifted on her feet some but reminded, "I don't exactly feel the truce after how we met."

The terminator tasted her human's sarcasm. "I do not believe a formal meeting would have worked otherwise."

"You sure as Hell picked a great alternative," the Conqueror snarled.

The terminator was actually growing frustrated by the down spiraling conversation that could end badly. "I did not agree to this type of meeting."

"Funny how I didn't agree to our last one," the human harshly needled.

Cameron slotted her eyes then started moving and declared, "This meeting is terminated." She was headed back to the woods. But she made out that distinct prefire to the actually shot that made her jump away despite she was safely far enough. She knelt down, hands spread on the ground, and she turned on the balls of her feet. She glanced at the plasma burn on the nearby tree about a yard away then looked at the angry human.

Sarah had adjusted the sight to the knelt terminator. "I swear to you if you walk out of this camp before we settle this then I'll do worse than capture Serrano Point. I'll melt that nuclear power plant down so it lays waste to LA." She was obviously serious by the conviction in her tone. "And I won't care how many humans die from it."

The terminator knew the threat was solid especially coming from a woman who had nothing to live for but revenge. She very slowly stood back up and stated, "I will stay."

"Good decision." The Conqueror took a few steps closer to compensate for Cameron's distance. "Now, what's the solution, oh super smart computer?"

Cameron took a steady breath in hopes it'd settle her systems. She knew that the Conqueror was just trying to get under her liquid metal. Also, how she infiltrated the Conqueror's city, security, and life didn't bolster well right now. She just had to weed through this carefully to right the ship.

The Conqueror was getting a bit impatient and amusingly mentioned, "I'm really leaning on turning you into metal dust."

"But I will kill you first," Cameron argued. "You cannot fire upon me enough to kill me before I get to you."

"That as sure as Hell not gonna stop me from trying." Sarah then revealed a dark grin too. "Besides, I told my commander if I didn't come back tomorrow morning that he's to make sure the nuclear power plant goes into melt down." She chuckled and shrugged. "Just a little insurance after your last stunt."

Cameron wasn't totally concerned by such a threat because she could rectify it. However, she didn't like how the Conqueror had made such plans.

The human leader was now smug and huffed at the terminator's obvious displeasure. "I'm just being the monster you called me. I don't want to disappoint you now."

But Cameron wasn't baited and instead stated, "The latter of the choices is most logical."

The Conqueror was amused and mocked, "I'm sure." But she took a step to the left but kept her rifle aimed at the terminator. "What's the logic for your pick?"

The terminator expected such a question and had already compiled her reasons. "If you destroy me then it will do nothing to end the war, for you or me."

"How you figure?" the Conqueror narrowed her eyes. "I get your head and dangle it from my side by your wires for all to see. I think that's one trophy piece worth putting on my mantle."

Cameron wasn't deterred by her human's sharp tongue. "I am more than a leader to my people. I am a belief to them. If you destroy me, I will become a martyr to my people, and they will be inspired."

"Inspired machines doesn't really interest me," the Conqueror conceded.

"If you go with the latter choice, at least you will buy time to decided what to do about me." Cameron could tell her human's mental gears were crunching the possibilities. "If anything, you will surely be able to better focus on your war."

"Exactly what you want huh?" the human taunted. "Neither choice seems like a plus for you."

"Neither choice breaks me," the terminator stated.

The Conqueror suspiciously watched her enemy while she mulled over Cameron's last words. She didn't quite understand it, but she decided in due course she would figure it out. She then back tracked and tested, "You make this seem like an offer."

"Indeed," the terminator muttered. She then took a few approaching steps but halted at Sarah's raised eyebrow. "We both know you want this."

"Don't be so sure of yourself." The Conqueror licked her dry lips.

"But I am," the terminator argued, "because you wouldn't have gone to this risk to have a meeting... out here." She looked from the rifle to her human. "You cannot understand why you want this so badly but only that you do want it. You wish to rationalize away why it's okay to want this... to have this between us."

The Conqueror grounded her teeth for a bit because the terminator was too perceptive. Her internal struggle resurfaced and briefly her eyes fluttered against rising memories about that night with Cameron. She focused on her enemy and hotly ordered, "There have to be rules... I need rules."

The terminator saw her opening with the human leader now. She nodded then promised, "You state them then I will follow them."

The Conqueror's mind was working very fast now. "We always meet at night in the location I pick."

Cameron simply nodded and continued listening.

"You have to leave by dawn," the human continued. "You cannot bring any weapons. You do not wait to follow me anywhere." She kept thinking and added, "There's no attachment to this of any kind."

"Yes," Cameron agreed to it all.

"Neither of us will bring anybody with us," the Conqueror ordered. She considered her list. "We don't talk politics or about the war... it stays outside of this."

The terminator finally brought up a rule. "You are to bring weapons, especially if we are out here like this."

The Conqueror had expected quite the opposite, but she just nodded. "And we will be under a truce honor when we meet like this. I will honor it, fully."

Cameron knew this to be the truth now. "Anything else?"

The Conqueror thought about it then quickly commanded, "This will stay between us; nobody finds out. Or I swear..." She clenched her teeth.

Cameron bowed her head and replied, "I understand." She held the Conqueror's dark jade eyes. "I accept all the rules."

The Conqueror lowered her gun and replied, "I accept them and swear to them on my son's grave." She pulled back on the rifle's charge safety and shut it down. She kept it at her side and walked away from her enemy.

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